At SPACE/CRAFT we take more than quality and craftsmanship into consideration.
We have set up recycling programs for all scrap material and have worked with

our vendors to use the most environmentally friendly products when applicable.

Our commitment to the environment and the health of our

employees is not a fad and as we progress in our craft we will
do so with the Planet in our utmost consideration.

We work with the arts community to donate off cuts and unused
material that can be used for good and not filling up the landfill.

We utilize solar power and converted to 100% LED lights on motion sensors

in our manufacturing and offices.

Electric energy efficiency

Green implements trough the years

Company goals

Current materials recycling system per year

Non toxic and environmentally friendly aqua-resins.

Low VOC and water based wood glues

used in assembly construction.

Use of Higher solid paints and LOW VOC and Water based UV painting applications when applicable.

Enhanced Vacuum and dust collection system ensures a clean and safe work environment.

Fully Ventilated and enclosed booths for Molding processes keeping harmful air away from the employees.

Air make up unit in Custom built paint room keeping a constant exchange of air through the room and building.

Metal Recycling initiatives implemented shop wide with a annual recycle rate of 50 tons of steel and

1 ton of Aluminum recycled annually.

Approximately 85 tons of cardboard recycled annually, Cardboard scraps utilized through a shredder to make fill packaging material instead of plastic and foam peanuts ,for filler and protection.

Plastic recycling for acrylics and Plexiglass along with a material donation program for the Arts.

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