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At SPACE/CRAFT we understand it is our fundamental responsibility leave a smaller footprint on our environment.  Our continued mission as innovators in our field means that we are always keeping sustainability in mind, and ask that you please join us in our Design For Zero Waste Initiative.

In 2020 SPACE/CRAFT committed to and planted 2X trees for every one used in the production of our customer’s projects and we will double our commitment in 2021 to 4X. 

To find out how many trees we planted on behalf of your company in 2020 send us a message. Visit our partner at

Design for Zero

Art Materials

We work with the arts community to donate off-cuts and unused material that can be used for good.

Green Solutions

At SPACE/CRAFT we take more than quality and craftsmanship into consideration.

We have recycling programs for stainless steel, brass, steel, eligible plastics and paper products.  When recycling is not available we offer other solutions to avoid the landfill.  We also carefully select materials to use the most environmentally friendly products when possible.

We evaluate in real-time the benefits and costs of a wide variety of production solutions before we start the manufacturing process.

Client Collaboration

We offer greener solutions that fit within our client's creative strategy to start the process off on the best path.

Many of our client's have updated their guidelines to work with more eco-friendly materials and processes. Team work is the path to a more sustainable future.

Considered Engineering

Our team weaves in green decision-making while developing the engineering solutions.

This can be as simple integrating more recyclable materials or engineering a complex custom piece to be disassembled and re-used for many more campaigns.

Thoughtful Manufacturing

Our vertically integrated manufacturing processes allows us to make better decisions for our green initiatives.


We have 100% water-based materials available and have sourced green options for all of our most heavily used


End of Project Life-Cycle

We think about the end of a project from the very beginning. The decision making process effects the efficiency, the footprint and logistics on the life-span of all of our projects.

We offer a myriad of solutions and full
reports on land fill diversion, donation and waste to energy.

Metal recycling initiatives implemented shop wide with an annual recycle rate of 50 tons of steel and 1 ton of aluminum recycled annually.


A portion of the energy in our production facility comes from solar panels that decorate our rooftop.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly aqua-resins.

Low VOC and water-based wood glues

used in assembly construction.

Use of Higher solid paints and LOW VOC and use of water based paints.

Enhanced vacuum and dust collection system ensures a clean and safe work environment.

Fully ventilated and enclosed booths for molding processes keeping harmful air away from the employees.

Air make-up unit in custom built paint room keeping a constant exchange of air through the room.

Metal recycling initiatives implemented shop wide with a annual recycle rate of 50 tons of steel and

1 ton of aluminum recycled annually.

Approximately 85 tons of cardboard recycled annually, cardboard scraps to make fill packaging material instead of plastic and foam peanuts, for filler and protection.

Plastic recycling for acrylics, petg and plexiglass along with a material donation program for the arts.

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